Welcome to the Advanced Mobile Systems Engineering course offered at PESIT, Bangalore! This site contains lecture notes, research, contributed articles, dissertations, student and faculty information.

Advanced Mobile Systems Engineering is a sequel to the elective course titles Mobile Systems Engineering (MSE). Here are some content that help refresh the concepts covered as a part of MSE.

Our courses on Mobile Computing emphasize conceptual understanding of mobile computing as a discipline rather than study of specific platforms or tools. We strive to blend the right combination of Wireless communication principles, System Software for mobile and Mobile Application Programming. While the concepts covered in the course are independent of implementation platforms, for the students to get a practical exposure to these concepts, we use Android as the mobile platform and Adobe AIR, Flash technologies along with Android Java for programming exercises.


About me

Anantharaman Narayana Iyer

Anantharaman, Narayana Iyer

I work as a Director, Engineering at Adobe Systems India. The products I manage include Adobe Flash Builder, that provides state of the art tooling for mobile application development. I teach at PESIT Bangalore as a guest faculty. Given the steeply increasing importance of mobile systems to both the industry and academia, my goal is to develop a world class course in Mobile Systems Engineering that prepares the students for higher education as well as industry ready.